Green Chemistry Plays a Vital Role in The Lip Balm Company's Products

Green Chemistry Plays a Vital Role in The Lip Balm Company's Products
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Chennai, India: Chennai-based The Lip Balm Company does not only sell Lip Balms but has embarked on a mission to make people aware of the importance of Green Chemistry in lip balms. The Lip Balm Company prides itself on their lip balms being preservative-free, free of added colours, free of artificial flavours, Microplastic-free, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free and is created with Green Chemistry. 

“Our journey started as a search for a lip balm to repair sensitive lips. This quest, fortunately, grew into exploring lip balms for every age group and every lip condition,” said Dr. Renita Rajan, Managing Partner, The Lip Balm Company. 

Safe for pregnant & nursing mothers! 

Not surprising is the pregnancy and nursing safe lip balms that are a huge hit as these lip balms are petroleum and carcinogen-free. They also do not carry any endocrine disrupting chemicals. These baby-safe lip balms are being commissioned for personalized gifting for baby shower events and first birthday events. 

“Though we may not be the only company which offers lip balms, we ensure our unique lip balms have ingredients that are safe and effective and are formulated specifically for various lip goals,” Dr. Renita added. 

With an objective to make the public aware there is always a lip balm for every pair of lips, The Lip Balm Company currently has a range of 30 products that effectively covers people from all walks of life. 

Keeping in mind that every pair is unique, the company has a customized edition package to offer for special events like weddings. “The recently held Actor Nayanthara and Director Vignesh Shivan’s marriage had The Lip Balm Company’s products being used by the lovely couple,” she quoted. Incidentally, South India’s famous Movie Lady Superstar, Nayanthara is the Brand Partner for The Lip Balm Company. 

The Lip Balm Company is also known for its authenticity and uniqueness. “Between harsh weather, dryness, lipsticks, air conditioning, licking, handling, wrong products, more lipsticks, a lot of nervous picking at the lips, and the occasional peck, sensitive lips do undergo tough situations. This is where our lip balms score higher as it ensures to protect the sensitive lips, solves pigmentation and dry/chapped lips is a thing of the past,” Dr. Renita quoted. 

The company has a series of best sellers and one of them is the LIPrepare™ range. LIPrepare™ repairs and prepares the lips overnight, ensuring every day, a fresh looking pair of lips is seen. Another is the Lippe lip seal, which is a great sealant for chapped lips. This acts as a lip putty to fill up the cracks in the lips, while classic favourites like the Plump Butter lip balms work to plump the lips instantly. The Lip Balm Company ships its lip balms to overseas customers via its online store. In Chennai, one can walk into the CHOSEN Showroom to get your perfect lip balm and experience having a different pair of lips.