Grand opening of Epiphany Wellness Center for Addiction Recovery in Blackwood, NJ with Joanne Gattinelli, Mayor

Grand opening of Epiphany Wellness Center for Addiction Recovery in Blackwood, NJ with Joanne Gattinelli, Mayor

BLACKWOOD, NEW JERSEY, USA: Epiphany Wellness Center will host a grand opening for their new location in Blackwood, NJ. The newly remodeled building will be a debut of its professional offerings for those that require personalized treatment solutions for recovering addicts of substance and drug abuse.

The grand opening will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 10:00am. The grand opening will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a reception and presentation of the newly designed space, followed by the presentation of real-life testimonies from people who have recovered from their addictions. Many clinical professionals will be invited and are encouraged to attend.

This event will follow with the accompaniment of established Mayor of Washington Township, Joanne Gattinelli and other VIP guests, including the two founders of Epiphany Wellness, Ryan Hetrick, CEO and Shawn McBrien, COO.

In honor of their grand opening and hopes to give back to the community, Epiphany Wellness will be donating a scholarship to an underprivileged recipient, which will be presented by Mayor Gattinelli.

During the grand opening, the Epiphany executive team gathered privately and randomly selected a scholarship recipient (a willing participant that will receive a 30-day scholarship into the Epiphany Wellness program at no charge to them) The recipient’s name must remain anonymous due to security, medical anonymity - safety, and HIPPA regulations.

“Ryan and I are so excited to be able to give back to the local community and establish a place where people can feel at home as they recover from their addictions”, stated by Shawn McBrien, COO, of Epiphany Wellness.

Epiphany Wellness offers a variety of evidence-based addiction treatment options. They also provide services that teach the members of the program how to apply basic life skills to ensure success post treatment. Epiphany Wellness provides a variety of employment opportunities through its corporate partnerships with local and communal companies that hire current clients and graduates who have successfully completed the recovery program at Epiphany Wellness.