DonnaInk Publications, Little Buggy Productions, releases TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons

DonnaInk Publications, Little Buggy Productions, releases TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons

Author J. R. Hatcher's new title, "TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Raking Grandiflora Magnolia Leaves" released 20 March 2021 - the latest DonnaInk Publications Disability Awareness title for juvenile readers is already receiving positive reader review.

CARTHAGE, N.C.: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through their Little Buggy Productions (children's) Imprint, releases Author J. R. Hatcher's TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons, first series title. This is Hatcher's debut children's disability awareness title relative to the character TBI Guy and is unique in addressing the day-to-day activities of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor. Jamie, who sustained a brain injury in 2003, worked diligently for eighteen years to recover and doctors continuously deem him 'remarkable'.

He shares, "In living, folks do not discern differences in daily activities and achievements for TBI Guys or Girls. When brain injury survivors complete mundane tasks their mannerisms may appear unusual; however, executing mundane tasks differently may be a major achievement for them. Where TBI Guy's or Girl's are more cognitive, they may seem overly engaging or ask repetitive questions. I suggest viewing 'Regarding Henry' or '50 First Dates' movies that share idiosyncrasies in TBI recovery. My children's book series is created to bridge understanding gaps for disability awareness. Learnin' Lessons shares positive voice and visualization emphasizing routine life skills and interactions. Through child readers and parents who read with, or to, them, education is heightened by a household. It is my hope this results in greater understanding for us all."

About the Book:
"TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons: Raking Grandiflora Magnolia Leaves" by J. R. Hatcher - a work-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor - is a humorous children's book series sharing the life and times of a TBI Survivor in day-to-day community re-entry snapshots. TBI Survivor stories result in disability, and human, awareness in sharing TBI Guy's adventures in recovery.

Miky Ruiz of Madrid Spain illustrated the title. Layout and design are by "Q".

J. R. Hatcher is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor who is sensitive to the realities of disabilities and community awareness. His personal story is interesting but his focus is on helping to educate the public, and children in particular, regarding the realities of a TBI survivor. He resides in North Carolina with his two dogs and cats and family.