DigiGreet releases automated Covid Pass verification system

DigiGreet releases automated Covid Pass verification system
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OXFORD, OXFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: DigiGreet is proud to announce the first fully automated Covid Pass verification and screening system. Developed specifically in mind for organisations and business that are high risk environments and need safeguarding measures without putting in additional resources.

Governments around the world are working out how to manage the next phase of the COVID 19 pandemic, ideas are settling on the use of a COVID pass to certify people's vaccination status and ensuring minimal risk of spreading COVID 19.

As per the UK government guidelines, high risk environments such as care and residential homes, GP Surgeries, nursing homes etc are instructed to check all people on site have valid NHS Covid pass. Obtained easily via the official NHS app, the pass provides users with a unique QR code confirming their vaccination status. The COVID pass will not just relate to travel but any environment where COVID poses a high risk, such as care homes which have been identified as one of the prime locations to implement such checks.

Any establishment, high risk or otherwise, may choose to voluntarily check people’s COVID passes and choose how to handle people who don’t have a valid pass.

Without a system in place, Care homes and other places needing or wanting to check passes will have to commit significant staff time and resources which in many cases simply don’t exist so the only sensible approach is to use an automated visitor management system which scans COVID passes, logs the expiry date and takes action if the pass is not valid.

DigiGreet is the first and only visitor management system to enable automated COVID pass management, there is no special hardware you need, just a tablet or screen with a camera. The system is quick and easy to setup and can be activated with a single click of a button. Once active, visitors to the site are asked to scan their NHS Covid pass and the system immediately verifies the validity of their pass.