Dhawan launches his sports academy and CoE

Dhawan launches his sports academy and CoE
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New Delhi: Senior India opener Shikhar Dhawan on Friday launched his own sports education and training organization by the name Da One Sports.

The academy has begun various programmes like Grass Root Innovation Program and Sports Training Programme and will also focus on developing sporting culture at a base level.

The academy will undertake training of eight sports at grass roots and elite level.

The organization is developing four Centre of Excellence along with educating 500 coaches through its Coaches Education Programme.

The aim of Da One is to have a Sports and Wellness Programme that impacts lives of one million athletes in a positive manner in next five years.

"We are selecting best coaches from all over India to ensure good quality training. I feel cricket has given me so much and I want to give in my efforts and play my part towards keeping it alive," Dhawan said.