Christina Rondeau Adds Another Book to Her List of Publications

Christina Rondeau Adds Another Book to Her List of Publications

JOHNSTON, RI, USA: Celebrity Fitness Trainer Christina Rondeau is not only a professional kickboxer that has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, but she is also an established author with several published books.

Christina’s most recent published book is a children’s book, “Wimpy.” Wimpy is about a little boy who has no self-confidence. His parents are concerned about him, and as his 3rd grade school year comes to end, something needs to change. He then takes up Karate, which improves his social life, physical development, and confidence. Wimpy, is a great book for parents to read with their children, as many children will find themselves able to relate to the character.

Christina Rondeau, a native resident of Rhode Island, is the author of several books focusing on Safety and empowerment. Other books she has published prior to Wimpy are; "The Elements of Staying Safe", "Power Parent", "Hit It", "How to be Amazing at Changing Lives", "Made With Love" and "Decades of Changing Lives"

She is a 5th degree black belt, Pro-Fighter and Reality Self Defense Instructor. For over 30 years Christina has taught children and adults how to protect themselves and how to get fit. Christina has been a pioneer in the martial arts industry creating Fitness Kickboxing and was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Christina is passionate about keeping kids and adults safe and teaching them, not only how to physically be safe, but how to have common sense.

Christina's awards, credits and experience far exceed what can be summed up in a short biography. Check out her websites, blogs, Facebook pages and youtube videos to see how Christina has made an impact on those she teaches and within her community.