By treating all genders equally and giving them unbiased equal opportunities will lead our way to a gender-neutral society: Dr. Aarti Oriya

By treating all genders equally and giving them unbiased equal opportunities will lead our way to a gender-neutral society: Dr. Aarti Oriya

Dr. Aarti Oriya is an Acupuncturist, Holistic Naturopath, and Vedic Food Consultant with extensive experience of 20 years in the field of alternative medicine. Her expertise lies in blending Acupuncture and the Ayurvedic way of living and eating.

Negative emotions are the crux of all our issues, and they need to be resolved as every human life has a right to live with freedom, good health, and positivity. Descending from a family of spiritual healers, and as an ‘Energy Flow Specialist’, Dr. Oriya works with different material energies of the human body, studying the levels of which makes her diagnosis process unique. She masters in making the mind and body work in synergy by dissolving the negative emotional blocks in a person.

Her areas of clinical focus include mind and energy, emotional health, anxiety, and depression alleviation, strength & stamina -boosters, stress balance, challenges of life, conflict management, decision - making, body, spine health and posture management, pain management, cosmetic contouring, and sports medicine. She treats her patients by using a varying combination of pulse diagnosis and acupuncture, constitutional food analysis, medical astrology, and individual medical vastu.

Apeksha Sandesh had an opportunity to interact with alternative medicine specialist Dr. Aarti Oriya whose expertise in holistic healing has benefited many. Check out the excerpts!

Tell us something about your distinguished journey so far in the career spanning over 20 years, in the horizon of health services that are inclined towards healing?

After my graduation, I was interested in occult science. I was always a knowledge seeker, so as a hobby I joined few ayurvedic courses, where one of my classmates suggested me to join a nature club course conducted in Gujarat. I used to treat the patients in that nature club camp, and the patients use to bless me. The tears of joy that I used to often see in their eyes made me realize that this is what I want to do. And that is how my journey began thinking it was God’s wish, and so far, I have been guided by the almighty.

After returning to Mumbai, I learned acupuncture, ayurvedic dietetics, posture management, ayurvedic panchakarma, medical astrology, and medical Vastu.

There are innumerable healing services available in the market. What do you think you offer that stands it apart from the rest?

My method of treatment is more holistic because of my extensive knowledge in ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, medical astrology and the most important is the diagnosis which includes pulse reading. My treatments do not just address the disease, but I aim to heal it from the root level. My treatment heals the patient physically, emotionally, and mentally and that is what I feel makes me stand out from the rest.

What is medical astrology and how far it is accepted as an alternative in India?

There is a connection between the health and the astrological chart of a person since they both are ruled by the five elements of nature. So, your health depends on the planetary positions in the birth chart and their aspects with the current transiting planets. The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates said, “A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

For ages, believers in astrology have studied the position of the sun and planets to understand our health, our personalities, and to make predictions. Few ayurvedic doctors do include astrology before they decide the treatment process.

How is medical vastu different from the medical treatment that we go through in usual circumstances?

Like astrological healing, medical vastu is also based on five elements, and therefore, it is as personalized as your astrological treatment.

You work with different material energies of the human body. Our readers are curious to know more about it.

Since our body is made up of the five elements, there must be a balance maintained between them in our body in a particular proportion. After reading the pulse of a patient, if I find any imbalance in the proportions in any of these elements, I treat them accordingly.

These days lot of people are inclined towards spirituality. They talk about meditation and healing. However, we are all surrounded by so much negativity. What do you think is the reason behind the same?

Quantum physics says everything is energy and it cannot be destroyed but can be vandalized just as spirituality and healing help in channelizing the negative energies surrounding us towards positivity and good health.                

Which is that one skill that is important for the success of any woman, from any field?

Dedication towards whatever they are doing.

In your opinion, how can we best attain a more accepting gender-neutral society?

By treating all genders equally and giving them unbiased equal opportunities will lead our way to a gender-neutral society.

Can you share some tips for our readers to be physically healthy?

I suggest everyone to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. It is also very important to inculcate a habit of positive thinking and meditation.

Can you share some specific tips for our women readers to attain mental and emotional health?

Always think positively and constructively. And keep calm.

In your experience as a successful woman, what is the significance of International Women’s Day?

I feel it is all about worshiping the women within.

Apeksha Sandesh congratulates Dr. Aarti Oriya for her contribution and commitment towards the field of alternative medicine with her works, and wishes her all the best for her future endeavours!