Book 'Speak-A-Boo' and Documentary 'Talk To Your Child' Released by Dr. Neeraj Suri

Book 'Speak-A-Boo' and Documentary 'Talk To Your Child' Released by Dr. Neeraj Suri

Ahmedabad, Gujarat: In a world where personal connections have taken a backseat and conversations have mostly gone digital, an effort was made to emphasize on the importance of effective communication with children, as noted authors, journalists and behavioral specialists came together to interact with the public and encourage them to talk to their children during the launch of the book Speak-A-Boo by Dr. Neeraj Suri.

The book throws light on the sensory development of children and the process by which toddlers learn to speak. It also elaborates on the factors that make a difference in the language and personality development of a child. Most importantly, The book emphasizes the importance of early intervention in the lives of the children that are born with hearing impairment.

The highlights of the event were the audiences’ response to the documentary Talk To Your Child and the Q&A session with the chief guest Ms. Kaajal Oza Vaidya and Dr. Neeraj Suri.

The book that Dr. Suri has written, and the documentary that she has commissioned, are a part of her long term campaign - #TalkToYourChild. Dr. Neeraj Suri, a renowned ENT surgeon, has pioneered the field of cochlear implantology in the twin cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. As a government Nodal Officer, she has not only been entrusted with training ENT surgeons across the state for the procedure, but has also been the driving force behind the directorate that makes a hearing test compulsory for all new-borns.

All in all, the book is an exemplary guide for new parents, as well as those who are planning to start a family. Apart from them, the book would also be an interesting read for teachers and healthcare professionals in general, and behavioral psychologists and developmental pediatricians in particular. All proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to NGOs that work with children that have hearing impairment.

The release of Speak-A-Boo was celebrated on January 21st, 2021, at AMA, in an event moderated by RJ Nimisha, with noted author, screenwriter and orator, Ms. Kaajal Oza Vaidya as the Chief guest. Other guests of honour included Dr. Neena Bhadolia (Noted ENT Surgeon), Ms. Shilpa Choski (Founder, House of Marigold), Ms. Saroj Jain (Lions Club International Foundation, Ms. Kusum Choppra (Noted journalist and Author of books like Nirbhaya and Mastani), Dr. Deepika Jain (Developmental Pediatrician), and Ms. Ajab Primuswala (Behavioural Psychologist).

To emphasise the importance of effective communication between parents and children and to create awareness about early intervention, Dr. Neeraj Suri commissioned the making of a documentary - Talk To Your Child. The documentary features comments from many prominent personalities in the fields of education and parenting, as well as some case studies. The documentary was first released during the launch event of Speak-A-Boo, and can now be watched on Dr. Neeraj Suri’s Youtube channel.