Book provides roadmap for better life, business

Book provides roadmap for better life, business
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New Delhi:  A new book seeks to make a concrete case for running businesses with greater integrity and ethics, and inculcate spiritual values into corporate culture, starting with the CEO and trickling down to every employee in the organization.

Westland Publication says "The Spiritual CEO", penned by president of Heartfulness Institute, S Prakash, is a roadmap for how to build a better business, live a better life and make a bigger impact - all through the simple practice of 'Korporate Karma'.

In the book, Korporate Karma is defined as: 'What gets passed down to you from your predecessor in this pivotal role of a CEO is not mere knowledge about finance, products, customers, etc. You will also be inheriting a huge balance of the Korporate Karma set to play a crucial role in steering the course of the ship during your tenure.'

Distilling the ancient wisdom of the Gita and learnings from the Vedas and other spiritual texts, the author explains how centering the spiritual being clears the path to greater success in both businesses and personal lives.

Prakash explores, in the context of Korporate Karma, Korporate DNA and spiritual alchemy, how a CEO can metamorphosis and become a "spiritual CEO".

He says the new corporate mantra emerging from boardroom discussions is Korporate Karma.

The book also includes practical solutions and tangible guidance on how a CEO - and indeed every business leader - can adapt to the new world and its reality.

The author says with the COVID-19 pandemic striking at the roots of the world's social and economic infrastructure, the CEOs of this century will be faced with a whole set of new challenges, for which they need to be prepared, sooner or later.

"This is a rude wake-up call. The messages that are there now for everyone to read can no longer be ignored or brushed aside as some random happenings of a transient nature. The repercussions and the impact on the future of the world looms large over every individual," he writes.