Book looks at money laundering post demonetisation

Book looks at money laundering post demonetisation
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New Delhi:A new book looks at money laundering in India, particularly the methods used by people to funnel their ill-gotten gains into the banking system, post demonetisation.

Murali Raghavan's "Riding the De(Mon)" is a tale of big money and crime.

"The novel has been written after a lot of research about the methods used by people with ill-gotten wealth to deposit their black money with banks and the vulnerabilities around the data of cash deposits that exists even today," says Dubai-based Raghavan, co-founder of a company named CFOSME.

"It is for finance professionals and curious minds who are interested to understand if the government made any real substantial gains from the surprise announcement (of demonetisation)," he adds.

Young Vikram is in jail in Chennai, accused of defrauding over Rs 10 crore from a bank where he worked in the IT department. With evidence stacked against him, Vikram has no option but to agree to a strange request from a lawyer representing an anonymous client.

Things go wrong as he falls back into the world of corporate espionage and government corruption and intrigues, a run on a bank, and murder.

Ashwini, an investigative financial reporter, tumbles upon methods used to circumvent the rules imposed by the authorities during demonetisation.

Vikram crosses paths with Ashwini in his quest to expose the web of corruption between people with mountains of money to hide and the unethical ways they invent to hide it.

But Ashwini's true investigation is into the man known as 'Guruji' - Vikram's fellow inmate and possibly his only friend from his time in jail - whom she believes to be the cause of her sister's death.

The book is published by Leadstart Publishing.