Best Morning Routine Activities for A Perfect Day

Best Morning Routine Activities for A Perfect Day
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Many of us might have come across this old proverb, 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away'. It seems it doesn't work these days, as people now-a-days don't follow a healthy routine, which people used to have in good olden days. They used to work hard physically from morning to night and eat only organically produced food, since it was the only option. So, their average age of life used to be longer than now.

In this era, people are more used to eating unhealthy and unplanned diets, and less physical work as everything is done by machines or maids. People have become more workaholic and less active. Eating outside food has become a necessity in a few cases. High-calorie drinks and food full of bad carbs are in everyone's favorite menu. As a result, we are leaving the hand of a healthy lifestyle and running after taste and necessity to fill stomach when hungry and have no time.

In 2020, when everyone is trying to follow a list of resolutions keeping in my ‘the health’, let us plan to go back to our roots and start it from where we left to have a healthy 2020 ahead!

Experts say that a perfect day starts with a healthy and active morning. A healthy morning routine makes your whole day fruitful and meaningful. If you have a good start of the day, you will finish it with great satisfaction and a big smile.

Let's look at five tips for turning your tedious day into a vigorous and ecstatic day, each day of 2020.

Good Night Sleep

The previous day affects our current day. It is like back to square. If we have an anxious night and don't sleep on time, it would be very hard to wake up energetic the next morning. So, the perfect ending of the last day is the most important key to have another perfect day. A good night's sleep keeps our mind calm and lets our inner body work in its best way. Our digestive system and organs work perfectly when our mind is calm, and body is relaxed.

So, sleep tight in the night for a full 7 to 8 hours and wake up full of energy in the morning each day.

Wake Up Early

There is an old saying, 'Early to bed and early to rise'. Nothing can beat this habit. Waking up early is one of the important keys to having a good head start for the day. In the olden days, people used to wake up before sunrise, followed by their daily routine.

In today’s times, every day is a busy day for all of us and we don't get much time for ourselves. So, waking up a little early would allow us the spare time for our body and soul. The early morning air is less polluted. Hence, it is good for our body to consume more oxygen early in the morning. And as they correctly say, healthy heart would take care of everything!

Drink Liquid Adequately

Water is a natural cleanser. It works more effectively if the water container is made of brass. This metal has its benefits and keeps the water temperature at room temperature. Drinking two glasses of warm water right after waking up in the morning purifies our colon. It is like giving a bath to our inner body. It helps to remove toxins from the blood and helps regenerate new cells.

A habit of drinking water in the morning helps our body to absorb more nutrients after each solid intake. It keeps our body hydrated for the rest of the day. Water is the top secret of having glowing and healthy skin, and a healthy heart.

However, it is very important to know when and how much water we should drink. There is a certain time when drinking water is not good for health like right after and before having meals.

Additionally, we can have warm orange juice or lemon juice or green tea every morning with a little bit of natural sweetener like honey. That helps to keep our body hydrated and peppy while running or doing intense exercise.

Include Yoga or Workout in Your Routine