Anubhav Dubey announces the mega launch of Chai Sutta Bar

Anubhav Dubey announces the mega launch of Chai Sutta Bar

Agra (UP): A beautiful city located on the banks of Yamuna and known for the iconic “Taj Mahal” will now witness the perfect blend & flavors of Chai with the vivid essence of Chai Sutta Bar. Chai being the most favorite drink of more than half the population of the country is the specialty of Chai Sutta Bar and with a never-ending list of chai flavors. The brand has ignited the love for Kulhad in 70+ cities with 150+ outlets all over India and abroad. The company sticks to its values by delivering their unique cultural blend and tastes across the world thereby achieving milestones. Chai Sutta Bar brought in the fusion of western vibes and royal Indian culture into motion and becoming a Multi-National Company. Now, the company possesses all types of outlets ranging from kiosks, medium shops to Mega Chai Sutta Bar emporium.

Their Kulhad has brought the revolution in the “Chai lovers Sector” with its menu that covers 100+ varieties and startling combinations with mouth-watering flavor’s like Chocolate, Rose, Adrak, Elaichi, Paan, Kesar, Tulsi, Lemon & Masala chai. Alongside these, the brands also possess specialty in smoothies, Mojitos, Cold Coffees, Shakes and much more at such pocket-friendly prices. The adrenaline rushes in the body when the finely shaped droplet of chai tries to pop out of the Kulhad.

Partha, one of the regular customers of Chai Sutta Bar stated, “There are many places in the city where chai is being sold but the way CSB provides the quality, quantity, and variety of chai is just so amazing. He also stated that the people who work there are so friendly and polite. The way they serve and interact with customers shows the love with which the beverage is being made.”

In the endeavor to strengthen the brand portfolio, Chai Sutta Bar wishes to have 200+ outlets by the end of December 2021. The brand hails its origin from the heart of Madhya Pradesh’s commercial capital Indore; a city known for its student crowd. It originated the idea to cater the cutting Chai tapri platter with the luxury of ambiance clubbed with taste. Moreover, with the ongoing global pandemic Chai Sutta Bar understands that safety is the key as asked by the consumer’s especially in the F&B segment and the brand ensures to deliver it with its utmost priority.

Mr. Anubhav Dubey, Founder, Chai Sutta Bar India said; “After lockdown, this opening has come as a relief to us. It is a testimonial that the brand is liked and vouched for by the target groups and millennials. Agra the beautiful city on the edges of Yamuna is a very important market for us and we expect a similar response from the city too.”