Anne-Margaret Redding Unveils the Secrets of Alchemy in New Book: Raise The Vibration

Anne-Margaret Redding Unveils the Secrets of Alchemy in New Book: Raise The Vibration
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During the recent lockdowns, a beautiful compilation book was birthed to shift the focus from FEAR to RESILIENCE. 

Raise The Vibration, A Weekly Guide For Alchemizing The Human Experience includes experiential stories from 52 authors. Anne-Margaret Redding-Wood sculpted this compilation into a weekly guide utilizing chakra wisdom, journaling prompts, vibe hacks, inspiring quotes and empowering exercises to raise the vibration of the reader.

The book is dedicated to those struggling with suicide, depression, loss of purpose and overwhelming feelings of isolation.

New York: As she witnessed the world consumed by fear in March of 2020, a teacher of practical spirituality asked her community to focus on something they had already overcome and share the lesson learned. Having served for 18 years as a community leader in the most culturally diverse county in the world (Queens, NYC), her network was massive and diverse. When the stories of resilience began pouring in, there were 52 in total. Anne-Margaret saw this synchronicity as an opportunity to create a weekly guide for alchemizing the most challenging themes we face as humans.

"From cover to cover, this book holds the space for significant transformation." - Desiree de Lunae, L.Ac.

This book was designed as a guide for developing mastery in maintaining a high personal vibration; for in this higher frequency, diseases of the body, mind and spirit cannot survive. Each chapter's theme highlights a story and several ways to integrate the author's experiential wisdom through journaling prompts, chakra wisdom, inspiring quotes, and vibe hacks.  Beautiful illustrations also offer an opportunity for adult coloring therapy, a wonderful tool for mental health.

"There's magic in these pages and my wish for you is to experience the charm." - Dr. Zia Nix