Angie's Showroom Launches Unique Luxury Handmade Lingerie to Help Gift With a Difference

Angie's Showroom Launches Unique Luxury Handmade Lingerie to Help Gift With a Difference
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FLORIDA, USA: Angie’s Showroom is meticulously working on lingerie that is unique because we are a handmade boutique. We can produce a limited number of sets. It is a capsule collection, which already makes them unique from the beginning. Only less than 1% of women worldwide wear our sets, that is how we value personality. Also, the designs/materials are unique as well, one can’t find such designs. We have both comfort and beauty to make one wear with confidence.

"I believe everyone needs lingerie in their life. Whether it is nightwear, pajamas, bridalwear, girls' hangout, or getting freaky with your partner, we all need to own one. Lingerie/intimates are on our body all day, this is why we use handpicked high-quality fabric material leaving your skin protected and comfortable. If you are looking for comfort and want to feel confident when you wear it, then you should try our online luxury boutique. You automatically become a part of the VIP club of Angie."

Carefully designed and tested, our lingerie is expected to help gift with a difference this holiday season. We have a variety of lingerie to suit anyone and everyone. All one needs is measurements from the person you wish to gift of the size. We have measurements charts to ease this process. Each product listing has a measurement chart. We are always open to chat, just shoot us a message in the chatbox, or send us an email when placing an order and hesitate with the size. Include measurements and we will make the lingerie set based on them.

”If you are looking for a gift, then I also recommend picking something from our nightwear collection: a pajama or a beautiful home robe or a nightgown. That is easier to pick with size and even better to sleep in if it’s a bit bigger”. - Angelina Mahany, CEO & Founder Angie’s Showroom

Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes - that inner, secret glamour.” “Start investing in your sensuality, it's what increases your sense of self-worth. Each of our designs tells a story. For a mother to her daughter, it is a story of self-belief and self-confidence. That beauty starts underneath. From a spouse, it is time to spice things up a little bit. From a friend, pamper yourself, you deserve it. From you, head high, you run this world.

Angie’s Showroom is a luxury handmade boutique with a focus on quality, designs, and comfort. Our motto is “You deserve it all”. The lingerie we offer is made up of high-quality silk selected to match with the finest lace from France and Italy.