Actor Rakesh Paul is ecstatic about his role in Manmohini

Actor Rakesh Paul is ecstatic about his role in Manmohini

Rakesh Paul is undoubtedly the powerhouse of television. With talent, looks, charm and the hunger for excellence, his success story is that of someone whose passion becomes their profession and then there’s no looking back.

The actor is winning hearts with his unique role in the show Manmohini. Sometimes he is the eternal Good Guy and the next moment he’s the Terror in the house. What do you call that character? A positive or a negative? Well, we call it talent!

In the past, Rakesh Paul has done some brilliant work from playing a Hero to a Villain to doing various Comedy shows. When asked what excited him about his character in Manmohini, he said "My character in Manmohini is something I have never done before. In the past, I have played either a negative or positive or the comic guy but it is for the first time that I am playing both positive and negative in one show simultaneously. It is roles like these that help you explore your potential and craft." He adds, "With each role I want to add a 'very' to it, a very positive... a very negative... a very loud... a very subtle... etc. Fortunately, my role in Manmohini has added a 'very' to both my shades."

When asked to elaborate about his character, he said, "At one point I am obsessed and absolutely in love with my wife and absolutely against my entire family, I hit them and they are shit scared of me. It is a Supernatural Horror show, hence there are certain turn of events where I become absolutely pro my family and go against Manmohini to the extent that I beat her up terribly. And the best part is I keep switching my roles because of some 'magic potion and hypnotism'. The funny part is even the family doesn't know if I'm going to stand up for them or beat them up, it’s not just exciting for actors to perform such roles, but it is also a treat for the audiences."

The actor said that he likes to get out of his comfort zone and do things he has not attempted before. He says, “As actors, we need to keep rediscovering ourselves.”

Rakesh feels that he cannot play safe and that he won’t play safe. It just doesn’t excite him as an artiste, so his content choices always seem diverse. He wants to challenge himself, take bigger risks and entertain people who want to watch good performances. 

Manmohini is a Hindi Supernatural horror-romantic thriller television series telecasted on Zee TV from Mon-Sat at 10:30 pm.