A menacing villain- Actor Bijay Anand in an on air show “Rudrakaal”

A menacing villain- Actor Bijay Anand in an on air show “Rudrakaal”

He is known to leave us speechless with one fabulous performance after another, and has wowed us with major transformations in several films and television shows. 

Owing to his dark villainous character in Disney plus Hotstar’s Rudrakaal, Bijay Anand’s character as Malik Raza who is playing the main antagonist, is the talk of the town.

Leaving an undying impact, his character of an anti-hero has taken the viewers of Disney Hotstar & Star Plus by storm. 

With his piercing eyes, eccentric mannerisms and powerful acting, Bijay Anand has upped his own ante as an actor. 

Elaborating about this role of Malik, Bijay says “He is the mastermind behind the nefarious, dark and sinister underbelly of the most heinous crimes in India. He has hatched a conspiracy that will not only disfigure the map of India but will also be considered in the history books of crime to be the most ruthless, vicious and sordid terrorist act in human history” 

The actor talks about how his character is not a typical baddie “Malik Raza plays only to win and absolutely hates losing. He operates his vast empire out of his private cruise liner which makes him escape the clutches of not only the Indian authorities but also the International agencies like Interpol, FBI and the CIA” 

Any guess which city in India he’s going to target?