The Lovers Domestic Violence Act - the other side

The Lovers  Domestic Violence Act  - the other side
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A few years ago Vandana heard from a dear friend about how her brother and their parents were being blackmailed by his wife and even though they belonged to a very high society family still had difficulty fighting the law. And that is when she saw the act that's supposed to protect was being misused blatantly, for extorting money and for vengeful harassment.

Vandana says, "Though the act is made to protect the woman from dowry harassment and domestic violence, there's a silent category of men who are victims of this act and who can’t speak about the harassment due to society's pressure. And it's their point of view that I wanted to bring to light through this short film." She further adds, "Cinema is a strong medium that can convey so much and can possibly bring a desired change in the social mindset, and that's when my director and I decided to write the story and eventually make the film. This incident also started my journey into the world of film making. "

 About her film, Vandana says, "The characters in the film have done a great job, all are powerful performers. Shweta Basu Prasad was always my first choice for the role, she is outstanding and even though she has very few dialogues in the film she has used her expressions beautifully to convey it all. It is Anuraag’s first film and I think he has done a great job as well. Zarina ji is a very skilled actor herself and has given a very nuanced performance. Shweta, Anuraag and Zarinaji found the subject very relevant and felt this aspect of domestic abuse must get highlighted in media through a movie.  Preeti Singh is the director and has done a good job in conveying the subject in the best possible way. Activist Deepika Bharadhwaj and highly esteemed lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh have seen the film and have endorsed its message too."

The film is shot in Gwalior City and is 23 minutes long. This short film is releasing on Feb 24th for Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

Vandana Mordani is Psychology Graduate and has done her Fine Jewellery Designer from GIA, Carlsbad. She is a Jewellery Designer and Manufacturer from the last 20 years.  And has done shows with leading designers like Neeta Lulla and Archana Kochhar. She is also co-writing her 1st feature film which is being developed by a known production house. Vandana will bring a couple of more short films this year as well.