Speakhumanity to Launch “Make Everyone Great Again” to Promote World Peace and Social-Distancing

Speakhumanity to Launch “Make Everyone Great Again” to Promote World Peace and Social-Distancing
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HONG KONG: Speakhumanity, a Hong Kong-based clothing brand founded by world-loving enthusiasts that span every industry, this week announced they will be launching their first campaign on kickstarter, Make Everyone Great Again, on November 2, 2020 at 8 am EST.

In an effort to promote simple, yet influential social awareness that supports wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and uniting everyone around the world, Make Everyone Great Again is a non-biased political movement that is available to everyone determined to stop spreading hatred and speed up global recovery as the number one goal every global citizen should be working on.

“Speakhumanity has contacted Billboard agencies around the world in a collaborative effort to launch this groundbreaking campaign,” said Bella Anderson, co-Founder of Speakhumanity. “It’s up to every world citizen to decide if they want to partake and be part of an anti-hate solution. Human beings have more in common than they may realize. This campaign is designed to make that apparent.”

Speakhumanity is releasing different apparel items with their unifying “Make Everyone Great Again” slogan to spread the word. The brand is determined to become one that does not carry any political or racial bias, solely based on the desire to promote goodwill messages that benefit every country, political party, and person.

Incorporating a community element that encourages conversation and engagement, Speakhumanity will allow any person to share their message to the team. Messages will be considered for new t-shirts and products, as well as promoted by campaign-level advertisements.

“This world cannot heal itself unless humanity comes together in an effort to battle economic, political, and pandemic-fueled challenges,” said Anderson. “Too many brands are afraid to encourage mask-wearing and strong social-distancing mandates, in an effort to make as much money as possible. Speakhumanity is hoping to change the conversation.”

Speakhumanity has already printed the following slogans on their products: Mask Please, Global Recovery 2020, social distance, and Make Everyone Great Again. The brand is now hosting a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to pool community funds and resources for their platform launch, gather enough attention to create an ultimate world-changing campaign level movement for the global recovery every global citizen has been long waiting for.