“Reputation management and stakeholder communication are becoming an integral part of the marketing spends.” - Mukta Kumar, Director Communications at Konnections

“Reputation management and stakeholder communication are becoming an integral part of the marketing spends.” - Mukta Kumar, Director Communications at Konnections

Mukta Kumar is a multitalented and turnaround specialist, who began her career with Ogilvy as a management trainee and with an extensive experience of 19 years in marketing communication, she has risen through the ranks. In 2010, Mukta started Konnections, an Integrated Marketing Communication Consultancy and with her sheer hard work and dedication, the agency has now emerged as one of the country’s leading agency with a cross industry portfolios of National and International clients. Under her leadership, Konnections has been awarded the TV5 Business Leader Award, TCEI Award for Excellence in PR and CMO Asia Brand Leadership Award. Mukta is a strong advocate of women empowerment and supports many socially relevant causes.

In an exclusive interaction with Apeksha News Network, ace maketeer Mukta Kumar talks about the changing dynamics of marketing and PR industry, women in media and lot more!

Tell us something about your journey so far in the field of media and marketing communication.

It has been a great journey so far. From my earlier days at Ogilvy to the present, I have been on a roller coaster ride. Marketing and Communication as a sector gives you immense opportunities to learn and grow.  As I began my entrepreneurial journey by setting up Konnections in 2010, I have learned many new dimensions of marketing.

How do you think your sector will change in the next 5 years?

The role of the Indian marketing communication industry is evolving, and the sector has been witnessing tremendous growth over the last few years. Reputation management and stakeholder communication are becoming an integral part of the marketing spends and the corporate sector is looking up to agencies as agents of change.

What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?

Coming from a conventional and a middle-class family, the sector was difficult to adjust. Plus, the majority of people believed in creating a façade but never focused on improving their delivery. What worked for me was my unnerving attitude towards my work and focus on tasks. Once people understood this, their faith and believe in my capabilities increased.

What do you see as some of the challenges faced by women in PR and media space in today’s times?

Women in our industry face major issues as they are not able to maintain a good work-life balance. Moreover, I feel that even the industry needs to be more supportive of women and her choices, which will help them achieve success.

How do you think your sector will change in the next 5 years?

Companies are acknowledging and accepting the importance of marketing, planning and budgeting. With a better understanding of the sector, companies are forthcoming with suggested actions. The industry is expected to get streamlined and more organized in terms of execution. This will give a long pending boost to the market and hopefully attract more talent than ever.

What is your opinion about the women being represented in the media, films and pop culture?

Women have been an integral part of each and every industry since the beginning. Unfortunately, due to the male dominated society that we live in, their work has been underappreciated and more often overshadowed. Especially in films and pop culture, the majority of women are merely portrayed as a glamour quotient. But there are few bold women who have the courage to fight for their rights and are changing the dynamics of the respective industries they are in.

‘Work from home’ and ‘flexible work schedule’ are new trends. What is your take on it in terms of women employees?

These trends have proved to be very beneficial for women who have to juggle between work and professional life. This has encouraged women to be independent and join work without the pressure of neglecting family. Companies understand their employee’s personal lives. It is a step towards a better future!

After achieving so much success in your field, what are the three most important things you’d still like to accomplish?

One always has to keep working and looking forward so that they keep growing. The next few goals designed by me are to see Konnections in the top 10 PR agencies of the country by getting more recognition in the communications field, celebrate womanhood in the industry and spend some time in education for girls and help them in being self-reliant.

What are your strengths as a woman? And how do they help you in achieving success in your field?

Being a woman is strength in itself. I have always been fearless and determined which has helped me in taking tough decisions. Apart from that being persuasive and focused on work has helped me grow.

It is said that women these days are taking control of their own life and future. How far is it true?

Yes, that is true, and it is helping the women have better control over their personal and professional life.

What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

The biggest challenge for the generation of women is focus and their inability to draw a balance between personal and professional life.

What does gender equality mean to you?

Gender equality means equal opportunities and responsibilities for men and women. Women and men both need to be aware of their rights and duties.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? Is it important that we have one?

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for remembering the struggles and achievements of various women through generations. It is a reminder for the continuation of the fight for gender equality with global women solidarity. It is important to have one day in the calendar to acknowledge all women’s experiences and achievements.

Apeksha News Network congratulates Mukta Kumar for her remarkable journey so far and wishes her good luck for her future endeavours!