Faraway Bae Season Two Premieres January 25th, Starring YouTube Entertainer Dominic DeAngelis

Faraway Bae Season Two Premieres January 25th, Starring YouTube Entertainer Dominic DeAngelis
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NEW YORK: Faraway Bae, the hit virtual dating show hosted by The Circle’s Joey Sasso, will premiere its second season on Monday, January 25 at 8:00pm ET. This season follows YouTube star Dominic DeAngelis in his quest to find love over the course of four weeks. Faraway Bae viewers will be able to interact with the cast in real-time and direct the action via any of the social platforms streaming the show, including YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook, and TVCO. Also on board to mix cocktails and provide dating guidance is the TikTok-famous Paradise Bartender, Ashley Hupp.

“I’m all in favor of unconventional dating experiences, and I’m ready to put myself out there,” said DeAngelis. “As everyone knows, I’m all about making people smile and laugh, and I can’t wait to share this experience with my fans as I look for my match. I hope fans will help me along the way!”

DeAngelis, a comedian and entertainer on YouTube, is well known for his cooking show Cooking with Dom and other comedic web programs. Faraway Bae viewers will now follow DeAngelis as he dates six contestants, all without ever leaving home. Faraway Bae will interpret how the audience feels through real-time social listening and digital tools, providing viewers with the opportunity to directly impact what happens along the way, such as choosing the meals and activities for DeAngelis and his dates.

“We are giving the audience an experience they’ve never had before,” said Joanna Kaufman, the show’s creator and executive producer. “People love dating shows, and they have lots of opinions. We are now giving them a voice and the ability to influence the show and participate in unprecedented ways. We will be listening to the viewers and taking action in real time to deliver a uniquely interactive experience. They won't be the third-wheel; they'll be in the driver's seat."

All season long, the audience is invited to watch and participate in extended “beyond-the-show” interactive content on the TVCO app in between the live episodes. TVCO is a free mobile app available on iOS and Android.

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