92-year-old Air Force veteran pens fitness secret

92-year-old Air Force veteran pens fitness secret
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Bengaluru: Retired Air Marshal P V Iyer, also a 92-year-old runner, has written a book in which he tells how people can make fitness part of their everyday activities at any age, leaving sufficient time for leisure.

In "Fit at Any Age: A Practitioner's Guide", he combines personal anecdotes, science-based logic and simple tips to tell an inspirational story that anything is achievable, no matter how old one is.

At the age of 47, when Air Marshal Iyer was confronted with the Indian Air Force's new policy demanding minimum age-specific physical fitness to be eligible for promotion, he set out to pass the test.

In the course of his training, it dawned on him that everyone, irrespective of age and lifestyle, can become fit and it is never too late to learn new habits.

Air Marshal Iyer embarked on the fitness journey that enabled him to run more than 120,000 kilometres. This included several marathon races of 42 km, and an ultra-marathon, from Agra to Delhi, a distance of 240 km.

At present, the nonagenarian continues to run 8 km a day and works out in the gym five days a week.

He lays equal emphasis on what one eats as wholesome food is integral to the overall upkeep and much needed nourishment of the body.

The book, published by Bloomsbury India, was released here last evening by Air Marshal Manavendra Singh.

Speaking on the occasion, Air Marshal Singh said coping up with the rigours of a demanding job in the Air Force requires a sound mind in a sound body and this can be achieved only through sustained efforts of keeping the body in shape.

"Another equally important aspect is mental toughness and level headedness which is a must to navigate critical aspects like flying long-haul combat missions, a feat that is achievable only when one is supremely fit and agile," he added.

The book has a foreword by tennis legend Ramesh Krishnan.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has written this about the book: "If you are one of those who have come to believe that physical fitness and age are inversely related, that fitness reduces with increasing age, then there is a masterclass - 'Fit at Any age' - which busts that belief systematically.