2021 EVSR Bracket Racing Championship Series

2021 EVSR Bracket Racing Championship Series
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SACRAMENTO: Entropy Racing is proud to announce their Sponsorship of 2021 EVSR Bracket Racing Championship Series at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia with the Washington DC Region of the Sports Car Club of America. EVSR (Electric Vehicle Sports Racer) is an all-electric racing program offered by Entropy Racing.

The 2021 EVSR Bracket Racing Championship Series is an inclusive series that allows cars from virtually any racing series to participate with "Any Tire. Any Motor. Any Suspension". The intent of this Series is to establish close and exciting racing based on the lap time potential of the car and driver and not based on rule-bound car preparation that stifles creativity and drives up the cost of racing. EVSR stretches the creativity and innovation aspect of these rules to the fullest and is proud to sponsor and participate in this series.

The first event is going to be held on April 24 & 25, 2021. The rest of the 2021 EVSR Bracket Series will be held as follows: June 19 & 20, July 24 & 25, September 4, 5 & 6, and October 9 & 10.

EVSR and WDCR have also worked together to adopt a rule set for Electric Modified sports racing cars: EM1 (over 200 KW) and EM2 (up to and including 200 KW). The Electric Modified Classes are intended to provide competitive, inclusive racing for all non-production electrically powered Sports Racing cars.